Turkiye’s independent politics will continue

The problems between Azerbaijan and Armenia are their own problems. Their problems do not interest Turkiye. Turkiye will not get involved in the collusions of the money launderer demonic people, the secret Armenian and Jewish traitors in power in Azerbaijan with Armenia. The people of Azerbaijan which are morally and religiously destroyed and who became living death have no problems, though. Then, they should fight and die on their own. Let them be the tools of the games and traps. If this continues, we will go to war with Azerbaijan as Turkiye. We will Turkificate those ancient Turkish lands. There is no other solution. Even though an Azerbaijani who is waving a Israeli flag says that he is Turkish or muslim, these words of him are invalid. An Azerbaijani people who don’t rise up when they see the defense minister of Azerbaijan standing next to the defense minister of Israel like his dog on a leash cannot be Turkish or muslim. If they claim that they are, it is a lie and these claims of them cannot be taken into consideration. We will leave Azerbaijan to its fate and they will experience the disasters. If a war breaks out, they should ask for help from Israel. Though there is no Israel in function… This is their own problem… If the real Netenyahu exists, if he can find an opportunity from the metaphysical attacks and from the internal turmoils… If he can find time from the baby, children and women trafficking from all around the world, then he will take time for Azerbaijan.

Turkiye’s indipendent policy will continue. Turkiye will neither be a puppet of the East nor the West. Turkiye will not be the transfer center of any parties. The underground of Turkiye is full of oil, gas and precious metals… Turkiye will extract them on their own, used them for itself and facilitate its living conditions. And then, it will sell them with its worth. The money from the sales will go to the treasury of the state and the money in the treasury will not go to England, Israel, the USA, Russia, China, Germany, France, to the black money states of those considered as Arabs but are Gypsies. All the robbery will be cut with harsh interventions. As of today, the trades between Turkiye and the states of those considered Arabs but are Gypsies will take huge blows day by day. When Turkiye breaks the siege, when it ends the covert invasion and exploitation, the reckless masses in Turkiye will find their punishments.

Turkiye will never establish good relations with Egypt. The only business can be done with Egypt are black money businesses and terror. Egypt is a place cannot even count as a country. It is a system that cannot be addressed. Egypt is a hell that the people who have healthy genes cannot live in without suffocation. And Sisi is a fierce enemy of islam. Most of the population of Egypt are Gypsies and it is not possible to get along with them. I think, when the ancient underground cities under the country called Egypt start to collapse one after another, the demonic people who live above the ground will be destroyed with the demonic people who live under the ground. Nonetheless, we are not racist and even though they are rare, we are not hostile to the good people of Egypt. Also, we have no spiritual connection/tie to the so-called islamic groups in Egypt and we won’t have. I am at that age, I have never seen anyone with gypsy genes who correctly understand and live the religion of islam. I haven’t seen them anywhere in the world. We will have no connection with the groups in Egypt claiming that they are Ahl-i Sunnat. There is no country called Egypt for Turkiye. Turkiye have the goal to cleanse those lands where so many prophets lived and those are long-term goals.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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