Upon the disasters in the USA, China and Kenya… Netanyahu should resign…

Another bank’s application in the USA is crashed

They didn’t make a statement but it could be Houthis’ hackers who did this…

They have to be careful, similar things have started to happen across the whole world. Also, the banks and their systems are not doing well.

Kenya is surrendered to the flood disaster

Konya may experience the same disaster after Kenya. It is necessary to be careful and cautious.

The Southern part of China has been hit by high winds and storms.

I can watch these videos for hours if I have time. It is a pleasure cruise. It is very entertaining to watch the countries in question ended up like this simultaneously…

I wish the media and press wasn’t under pressure and being censored across the world and share more shocking videos with the humanity…

The UN, “The TikTok application is as toxic as cigarettes”

The USA and the UN do not have the goal to ban TikTok. They are deceiving their peoples and especially the big circles who give negative reactions against it.

If they would really want to ban Tiktok and if they would really be uncomfortable with TikTok, they wouldn’t act this way. They wouldn’t prolong this that long.

Their administrators are very pleased when they see corruption, perversion, religiousness, illegality, black money business, devilry and they support it secretly or openly.

Both the UN and the USA have never fight against China and never even compete China and they are still in this condition anyway.

It’s all about a collusion of a handful of Freemason satanists…

And the same goes for their so-called war/struggle against Russia…

These collusions give us no pleasure to see and overwhelm the audience and push them to react.

The former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi calls Netanyahu to resign

I think Netanyahu who is an evil man should immediately take this opportunity and resign. Otherwise, he will end up very, very badly.

Tornado and hurricane warnings in the USA

We have been praying for tornados/typhoons to destroy the USA.

I have already issued a tornado warning in the entire USA a few days ago.

All the peoples who have been exploited and persecuted in all around the world, get your popcorn ready. It seems like, very beautiful images will come from the USA…

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