Hakan will take the bullet of this nation. He will be shot dead…

Who does he think he’s fooling?
He will make me use bad language…
Is the slaughterer, Hakan going to prosecute the slaughterers?

Is Hakan who brought Hamas which is a slaughterer terrorist organization to Istanbul against the will of me and the Turkish nation going to do this?

Forget about it, he is the murderer of thousands of our soldiers who will be killed with Hamas leaders….

Even if all the countries in the world want it to look like Hakan is a legal politician and openly back him, Hakan will take this nation’s bullet. He will be shot dead.

They are still trying to play the same game. Netanyahu and Biden give the instructions and they are trying to follow these instructions here.

Israel is the one who wants the Israel-based terror organization called Hamas to be defended by Turkiye. Israel is keeping Haniye in Istanbul just to spite me.

They hope and wait for me to slap them and it will be so.

I will bury the heads and boddies of those who will involve Turkiye in the dirty business such as Gaza, Hamas and Taliban. Even Netanyahu cannot take them from my hand.

I am not playing a game. I am not taking instructions from anyone. I am not a gypsy money launderer who is a so-called minister pretending to be Turkish. I am not a member of a tribe.

Do not confuse me with others.

I will hang those who betray my state even if they are backed by all the states in the world, all the satanists and Freemasons, all the terrorist organizations and mafias. I will give the instructions to shoot them dead and to shoot them in the head.

I don’t care about Hamas, Haniye, their black money businesses, their secret gypsy connections and those who give them instructions…

Do not strain my patience.

It is time to turn Konya into Kenya…

Get away from the mayor of Konya and everyone around him. Always keep a distance of 1 km between you and him. Stay at least 300 meters away from the vehicles, buildings, devices, facilities of the municipality of Konya and do not approach them.

Collect your receivables from all companies doing business with the municipality of Konya immediately on this day and do not take any risks. If you cannot get your receivables, you will not be able to collect those funds from those companies.

When I look at Konya, it’s like I see Grozni.

Do you know why?

By the way, I forgot to ask something. Are the peoples in those regions turned into a disaster zone who were shocked when they tried to challenge against me, who were surprised about what was happening able to eat the Airbuses and Boeings?

Or, are they eating the Gazans?

Or are they eating the separatist, corrupted, terrorist, money launderer bastards who are the so-called mayors?

Or are they eating the Ankara gang?

Or are they eating the Freemasons or the Royals of England?

If they had eaten Netanyahu from the beginning, they wouldn’t have these unnecessary problems. But it is obvious that they need to have more serious problems.

Anyways, it is these peoples’ own choice… It would take only an avarage of two hours to overthrow the human demons at the head of their states. But it is a matter of preference…

I see that tens of leading cities’ immediate futures are very, very dark…

Some told me that there are people connected to the USA behind the tv show called Gaddar, is it true?

Is it CIA who wrote its script?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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