Let’s see it

Turkiye will not take part in the projects of transferring the gas or something else to different regions of the cesspool called Azerbaijan, the artificial state, the second Armenia, the second Israel.

I don’t care what or where to the cesspool called Azerbaijan sells or where it sells them through. They will not drag Turkiye into this. They are already very adept at kidnapping and selling babies, children, women. They are evil enough to kidnap even the earthquake victims… They are also adept at prostituting their own women and pretend like they are honorable. They are also adept at worshipping England and Israel, and let them expand their sales paths by getting more involved with them. They will stay away from Turkiye.

Countries, leaders, secret services, transnational mafias, freemasons, satanists and alien parties who came to Turkiye and think that they have supposedly made a new election and established a new government against me… Let them come now, let them direct Turkiye in a direction opposite to what I directed, and let’s see. They couldn’t do it before the so-called election anyway, let’s see if they can do it now.

I will burn down Turkiye and the herd of people that cannot be called the nation, but I will also burn down and destroy those countries, states, secret services, mafias, freemasons and the evil system of the world. From now on, that’s how it’s going to be…

If anyone has an objection, come to me…

I will not tolerate any parties’ collusions and simple games even for two days. As long as these evil attitudes continue, I will lead this world into greater disasters.

You should know that the sword of justice has a right over you, and I am only taking it. I don’t want to hear too much screams or wails. I’ve been informing you for years that these days will come. I was postponing these days by following the material and spiritual reasons, in case there might be those who wanted to save themselves.

Now I want justice for all of you, I want punishment. Don’t cry here and there… Even these are your very good days. You can’t even imagine what’s going to happen in a few weeks.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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