Declaration of war! “Gök girsin, kızıl çıksın…”***

*** “Gök girsin, kızıl çıksın – Let the sky enter, let the red come out” is an ancient Turkish oath recited while holding the sword hilt, its mean “If I do not keep my word, this sword will enter my body like the sky and come out stained with my blood.”

What you are about to read is a declaration of war…

As of now…

All the countries which will accept Hakan Fidan who extremely hostile to the Turks, the religion of islam and Turkiye and also a money launderer murderer into their countries for official visit or for any other reason…

The countries who will have a meeting with him and his Godless gang officially or unofficially will be exposed Istanbul’s the very, very heavy and uninterrupted metaphysical signals.

They will experience various disasters, simultaneously.

They will suffer major losses of life, property and money. Their reputation will be ruined.

And also, these countries will never be able to build good relationship with the Istanbul-based new Turkiye and they will never be involved in the projects expected for tens of years.

The mafias, the gangs, the armies, the secret intelligences and the big companies will not do business with Hakan Fidan and people like Hakan in Turkiye. Even those who say hello to Hakan Fidan and his gang who don’t do business together with them will stand against us. They will be the open, primary and legitimate target.

We will wage war on those who will damage and wage war against the Turkish people and Turkiye by any means. Those who consider the godless scums in our country as legitimate political leaders/authorities are hostile not only to our nation but to the entire world humanity and especially to their own nation.

The countries who are determined to continue the contact with Hakan Fidan and the other traitors in our country, money launderers and the pawns of others should take their dams, power plants, communication networks, databases in official government agencies, armies, soldiers, military vehicles, municipal vehicles, civil aircraft and airports, civil ships and sea ports, their lands, sky, air, water, salt, dust, satellite, everything under metaphysical protection again. Maybe they can protect them.

We won’t care about the civillians who will die en masse. They have to be smart not to die. They have to overthrow the money launderer, Freemason, satanist, colonist bastards who are the enemies of virtue and the humanity and who are even doing terrorist activities that they called the government and then crash them under their feet. It is completely their own choice…

Again, I have said my piece in the most clear way…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya

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