There will not be left even a single skyscraper in Istanbul…

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There will not be even one skyscrapers left in Istanbul. Primarily, all the skyscrapers on both sides of the Istanbul Strait will be demolished. Then, the skyscrapers on the other coastlines will be demolished.

All of them without exception are illegaly constructed. And almost all of them are owned by those who have serious legal problems. The necessary trials will be held on these issues.

Then, all skyscrapers in the inner regions of Istanbul will be demolished gradually.

This disgraceful building looking like a cross and a dagger plunged into our chest will be one of the first buildings that I will demolish.

I have written it years ago that not everything remains from the past to the present are valuable. We will not keep everything as historical artifacts.

Also, we helped people better understand lately that all the Ottoman constructions that we believed they are Turkic/Islamic palaces and even mosques are the constructions built by the crypto-ID traitors.

We will not value those constructions, either and will demolish them. The entire Turkish people will learn these truths. They will learn about the masonic/satanic rituals and the savage murders performed in those rituals.

The entire Turkish people will find out who the watersides in the Istanbul Strait belong to, how this nation has been harmed since then and the real identities and connections of these families.

Do not assume that I will give money for expropriation from the treasury of this needy nation to the families in question, to the traitor sections.

There is no such a thing, I will take them from their hands and then, I will hold them to account.

Almost all of the buildings on both sides of the Strait are illegal.

These buildings should be demolished. These people will be evacuated from these buildings without being given money and almost a hundred thousand buildings on the two sides of the Strait will be demolished in a very short time.

The lawlessness that was done during the purchase process of these areas the buildings are located which maybe was seized without being bought will be the subject matters of the trials.

One of the things that I will do is to repeal the statute of limitation which is an illegal law.

There will be no seafront buildings on both sides of the Strait.

The interior part/towards the land part of the field of at least the 100-150 meter area from the southernmost to the northernmost along the Strait line will be a public area. No part of it will be owned by private individuals or private companies. There will be people who will resist this but they will be very surprised by what they will suffer.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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