China is turning its people into cash, the world is watching

 The massacre in China cannot be kept silent any longer. In China, which is in a huge financial crisis, illegally collecting hundreds of billions of dollars extortion from giant companies by calling it a “common welfare project”, yet still unable to overcome the financial crisis, the black money government is now turning its people into cash. Babies, children, girls, and women are abducted. Organs are played. This is done based on corona lies that have already collapsed around the world. The Chinese people, whose lives, goods, money, children, and organs are being targeted by their government, are not alone.

Even if the governments that do black money business in partnership with the Chinese government keep silent, we will not be silent. Even if the so-called humanitarian organizations under the control of these governments and the secret services under their command remain silent, we will not remain silent. No matter who is persecuted, we will not remain silent. We are not mute demons. We do not look at the religion, race, or language of the oppressed.

There is currently no real corona epidemic in China. Corona has already been produced and spread in the laboratory by a union of countries (Ankebut Network) led by the USA-China, including many western countries. There is such a virus, but it has never been as lethal as it was intended to be shown. Even those who went to hospitals because of the flu were dragged to death with fake corona diagnoses in this process, their organs were stolen. Or the possible ones were abducted alive. From the very beginning, the Chinese Communist Party was involved in this inhumane black money business, even in charge. To this day, the Chinese people have been subjected to intolerable deceptions, persecution, and oppression, but now the CCP has completely lost sight of it. Even if the CCP can overcome the financial crisis by turning the Chinese people into cash, such troubles will not end. They will then spread a more severe, truly deadly, sexually transmitted virus.

We can join forces with influential and authoritative people from China who always hear my voice if they want. The Chinese people can join the parties that act in common with me from all over the world, and we can ensure that the Chinese government is overthrown, that the official criminals are tried and punished, and that the freedom of life, property, honor, and belief of the Chinese people is established.

These days when we have already finished the corona games around the world and Biden and Putin are close to being overthrown, it would not be difficult for Xi and his gang, who are doing black money business with them and are currently struggling to turn the Chinese people into cash, ruthlessly. To start this right away, all it takes is a shout-out from the Chinese people, Chinese officials and press/media personnel, and businessmen who want the well-being of the Chinese people.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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