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After the Corona lies and tricks, the Ankebut Cult, which was broke and became nothing when its black money was cut, started to exhibit its new game, which we have been waiting for and announced for a long time.

Again, they are spreading a “controlled” and “programmed” virus around the world. Again, they want to start a process based entirely on lies, deception, and hostility to humanity.

There will be closures again, there will be bans again, people will be killed deliberately in hospitals and their organs will be stolen. Again, living people will be sold to prostitution mafias, human traffickers, and satanic ritualists.

The so-called super state USA, whose inflation, unemployment, social problems, and weakness have risen to the top, whose real face is still being tried to be hidden from the world and even baby food cannot be found anymore… China, which is trying to turn its people into cash with unprecedented violence and speed, under the pretext of corona… It has already sunk. “Black money” environments will be created for the penniless countries of the Ankebut Cult, especially Europe, which is trying to give a contrary image even though it has depleted zero and is disintegrated, and which will starve each other very soon.

It will not be enough, and the world’s humanity will be dragged further into “planned famine”. Big money will be hit with so-called vaccines, while new blows will be struck on people’s health and genetic codes. Even people who have not been victims of these atrocities and have not been vaccinated by acting wisely will be forced to be vaccinated.
The virus, which we informed long ago and that we said “will also be transmitted sexually”, has been put into circulation by the countries of the Ankebut Cult under the name “monkeypox”. Moreover, this virus will not circulate alone. If the governments of certain countries, which carry out black money work around the world in an organized way, do not make a last-minute decision change, this virus will travel the world at the same time with different viruses.

By the way, in North Korea, where there were almost no problems while the world was breaking through the so-called corona… In other words, in North Korea, which was not included in the corona games and deceptions, and did not participate in it… Nowadays, after we put an end the corona lies with huge interventions around the world, corona cases were suddenly seen and the country was turned into a quarantine area. . After our interventions, North Korea suddenly flooded with the coronavirus because China attempted to cash in on its citizens with the corona theater attracted a lot of attention and backlash?

Biden, who is one of the leaders of the same gang and has also fought collusion with countries such as China, Russia, Iran, Egypt, and North Korea, said, “We are ready to work with South Korea to completely rid North Korea of nuclear weapons.” What exactly is meant by the word?

Those who have turned the Middle East and Africa into a bloodbath for black money for decades, those who constantly wage wars and internal wars to win all kinds of inhumane black money, and those who constantly establish and manage terrorist organizations, have now faced a great resistance based in Istanbul. They could not get what they wanted in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Ukraine. Will one of the new black money centers be made in North Korea? Again, will NATO and US bases be the epicenters of all kinds of black money in the new black money process that will be applied around the world?

These black moneyers, these bloodsuckers, these organists, these enemies of humanity, these masons, these Satanists, these so-called world leaders will not stop… It is time not only for Turkey but for all humanity to stand up.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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