We’re arising now, it’s time” | Dream Interpretation

M. (Akademi Magazine follower):

My brother .s.a. My sister .. She saw that you were throwing fireworks into the sky just because it was time to go out,,,, in return, a long-haired man threw fireworks and fell in front of my sister’s balcony without exploding….

My sister filled the bucket with water and poured water on it and turned it off immediately, my brother and his wife came to see what was going on at that time.

He told them about you, about that Akademi Magazine or something.

and he sent us bread, he said, look, his name is written on the bag, he showed it.

It says MEHMET FAHRI SERTKAYA on the bag, and there are three long loaves of bread in it.

I prayed and slept and read “teamelune bima” written in front of me in Arabic between sleep and wakefulness, what does it mean,,,,,,the dream I saw after I saw myself in a complete civil war,,,,,,and then you seem to be presenting news

You said with a video audio recording that the first bomb exploded, the second bomb could explode at any moment, and at that moment, even the people who fled turned into standing embers……

Then again, the two verses of the Quran in my hand were tied with a piece of fabric, I thought, teamelune bima, is it related to the verse I read, I wondered if this fabric is related to the verse,, in which verse it is mentioned, I asked a memory, how else could it be found?

 Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya:

etc. It’s time. It will be quite noisy, but I’m going to the field now.

I’m going out, but a lot of people are going to die.


Biden was in the garden of Chankaya Palace in Ankara. I was there too. I kicked him out very harshly. I was saying, “Walk, you’re not human.” He couldn’t make any response, and walked away silently, weak and helpless. Then the scene changed, and I saw that people heard about this, saw Biden’s state, but did not know the details. The people are overjoyed, there is an atmosphere like a festive mood. Then I see that Tayyip plays the role of “I did this, look, I did it”. I think for a short while, in case I spoil Tayyip, I say “Forget it, let them know” and continue. The scene changes, I see that the sea has receded on the beach and the sea water is slowly coming back. I realize it doesn’t sound good. I see that even the first water that comes in is foamy white.

Fireworks Explosion in a Dream

It indicates that you will receive the good news that will both surprise and make the dream owner very happy. Exploding fireworks in a dream suggest that the dreamer will hear good things that will shock him the first time he hears them, and then get tired of enjoying it.

Dreaming of Fireworks

Throwing fireworks in a dream means that the future of the dreamer will be bright, and his fortune and luck will be apparent. The person will achieve such great success that he will be the subject of newspapers, magazines, and television news in the future and become a very famous person in the international community.

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