Nor can Sarmat save Putin and his accomplice Biden

We do not take any threats that are not openly addressed, but I would like to make it clear that we have the techniques to stick Sarmat missiles in Putin’s eyes when necessary. We can even stick similar missiles in the eyes of Biden and Xi, one of his accomplices.

It seems that Putin, who lost the flagship of his navy in a way that he could not understand and explain what happened, is as sunken as the Moscow ship.

All parties who collude or fight with the character of Putin should know that we do not know a person named Putin, and we are not very interested in what he is talking about. We know better than he does what he can and cannot do in reality.

We are quite tired of the bionic robots in world politics and the collusion they have waged with I don’t know how many countries. Always the same tricks, always the same tricks…

They have trapped Ukrainian soldiers in a factory, but they do not destroy them. At least they don’t encircle and seize. They don’t care at all about all those Russian soldiers who died. China has turned their citizens into cash, Russia hired it to stage a war theater with the Westerners she has colluded with, then the bionic Putin came out and made threats that he could not openly express and could never realize. The masses realized that everything was full of illogicality, strangeness, and question marks.

As of now, behind the background of these collusions, extraordinary crimes against humanity are being committed in various parts of the world, especially in China and Ukraine, but the world governments are silent. They become partners in collusion or become spectators. Both acts are capital punishment. It is not possible for these theaters to continue any longer or to hide the brutal truth behind them any longer. It is not possible for leaders, governments, and states that have been enlarged or sustained by black money to this day, to be kept alive any longer. We have already started to establish the new world order as we want, not as the Ankebut Cult wants. We are calm and quiet because we are the winner, the side that works in favor of time, but the people in front of us are not like that, they cannot be like that.

To put it in common terms, they stood up, they saw the end, they tried to survive by taking crazy risks, they lost their logic and determination, they all had anxiety and they can make unexpected threats even at these moments. They have one last coup d’etat and as I said, they are close to taking that blow. That blow will be my public debut on the political scene…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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