You know, the world was falling apart from Omicron?

Have you seen?

Around the world, states that are connected to the Ankebut Cult are taking a step back from consecutive corona and Omicron variant games. Prohibitions or restrictions are being abrogated or helped. They also hold back from imposing discreditable PCR tests that have no medical/scientific basis, and those malicious liquids they call so-called vaccines, and take one step after another. They also remove the necessity of using masks, which are of no use and have harm. So much so that even we can’t keep up with their speed while trying to follow what’s going on behind the background in this regard for days.

You know, the world was falling apart from Omicron? You know, the intensive care services of the hospitals were full and exceeding capacity? You know, healthcare workers were in very difficult conditions? When the chief physicians of hospitals and leading medical professionals were making alarming statements one after the other? You know, even a few days ago, Satanists, Jews and Masons in the press and media of certain states all over the world were pumping the same lies with common mouth? Restrictions, bans should be re-implemented? All these news, texts, articles, statements by so-called scientists are everywhere, but what has happened to these governments all of a sudden? How hard have they hit the Rock?

The Netherlands, one of the countries that have shown the most determined stance in these inhumane corona and black money games, and even England, which is another, took very serious steps back in a short time. From the eastern, western, northern and southern countries of the world, back steps are coming one after the other. Who and what have tried so far for the Netherlands and similar countries to take a step back on these issues. People in these countries demonstrated for a very long time without giving up in a manner befitting human dignity, but they never got any results. What has changed now?

Now this is the power of YIT… The power of Akademi Magazine… The power of Operation of Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult… This is the power of real Turks, not Islamists, but real Muslims, and a great service to the humanity of the world… Together with us the civilized communities in the Western world, who are moving, have also taken the right decision and in the end, they have been and will be among the winners.

While I was in prison, my friends tried to express it and they titled “MFS will end the corona”. However, those of my friends, who, apart from me, were still sharing in the Akademi Magazine, could not fully understand and explain the issues, since they were not specially trained people at this field and were only members of the community and voluntarily trying to serve humanity. Yes, I will also finish the corona games around the world. I will finish off those who don’t want to finish.

I will also finish the Ankebut Cult (Illuminati), and I will also finish the Gog and Magog (Green and Gray) tribes. I will also destroy the giant alien bases underground. I will also destroy the lies/traps such as global warming and climate change. I will not leave a single masonic lodge operating formally or unofficially in the world.

I will crush this evil system established on earth, together with all of them, whether they are earthlings, aliens, jinn or humans, whoever is behind it.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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