Are aggressive dogs vaccinated or chipped dogs?

And where is the world humanity drifting?

Just before testing on humans, are they sending remote signals to vaccinated and chip dogs, disrupting their balance and behavior, triggering certain points in their brains and doing tests?

Weird dog behavior has been seen all over the world lately, as well as in Turkey. Dogs appear to become aggressive not only towards humans, but also towards monkeys and other animal species.

Is this all part of the final phase of a very grand plan?

Should billions of people be worried and frightened, who allow their alleged corona vaccine to be injected into their bodies? When one day comes, will we witness that human communities of different nationalities, cultures and religions all over the world act like crazy at the same time, start attacking those around them for no reason, and the streets and avenues turn into bloodbaths? Will we witness vaccinated or chipped animals attack each other and humans at the same time?

Should Turkey’s National Security Council and the army deal with this issue? I seriously ask and emphasize it, is this an issue that a country’s army should also be involved in? Who the members of this so-called scientific committee are, who their connections are, where they are, why they have made such unscientific decisions, what kind of a game is still going on, will not be seen and investigated as a matter of national security? Is the life, health and security of a nation or even a whole human being this cheap or worthless?

In addition, strange and extremely strong magnetic fields are forming all over the world. As a result of this, there are heavy rains, hurricanes, frequent and strong tornadoes, extreme cold, the crops burning dry while they are still in the field, the clean water sources are drying out and disappearing, the drought is spreading rapidly, and also frequent and severe earthquakes are seen. Again, with the effect of the extremely large and strong magnetic fields in question, the birds are got shocks in flocks while flying in the air and die by being scattered on the ground. Birds that die in flocks like this have been seen all over the world, including Turkey, in recent years and are still seen from time to time. Images of some cases in Turkey can even be found on Youtube. In some cities, strange sounds are also heard during the days and nights. Some of the sounds seem to come from underground, while others seem to be formed in the sky. Among many of the sounds in question, the rustling of magnetic friction can clearly be heard, even with the human ear, without using a device. Despite this, in such a case in Turkey, it is seen that the authorities say, “These are the sounds of the bubbles of the water accumulating in the underground plumbing,” despite the lack of any scientific study. Finally, the authorities of the city of Thessaloniki, where strange and violent noises have been heard day and night for more than ten days, are imitating these malicious officials in Turkey and making statements in the same way without any scientific data and proof. What is going on, who are they, why are they behaving like this? What do they have in common? What do we need to know, what do we need to solve?

In a very strange way, forest fires that had started at the same time in dozens of places in Turkey were scorching, and public support for the extinguishing efforts was prevented. State power, law enforcement, army power did not appear where people need to be evacuated. Even on the second or even the third day of the fires, it was seen that resources of our state, in other words our nation, were not mobilized and people tried to extinguish the fires by drawing water from the sea with buckets. In those days, there was news that strange, celestial bodies on fire fell in different cities of Turkey, but it was immediately claimed that these were meteorites.

“Are we sure these are meteorites? Could there be a danger to our national security? Have necessary scientific studies and also investigations been carried out? Have the places where they landed been examined?” We write and ask, even Papua New Guinea state officials can hear our voice instantly, but the well-known administrators at the head of Turkey do not address this issue, this risk, this doubt even after months have passed. Who want them to behave like this?

It’s unbelievable, but we see by experience that in this big world filled with experts in every corner, in this huge world where there are so many international organizations, for some reason, so many organizations, governments, so many security boards, so many armies, so many experts do not deal with such oddities seriously and sincerely. Unexpectedly, some heads of state in the African continent want to go and are killed one after another.

Corona games, so-called climate change and so-called global warming games are still being played against the world humanity. When it is explained by the most advanced scientists, on purely scientific grounds, that none of these have a scientific basis, they are censored and removed in media such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, which are the real owners of the CIA. Even recently, scientific articles published in the world’s most respected scientific journals and prepared by respected scientists are being removed. Some people constantly hide behind the concepts and claims of scientificity, modernity, democracy, human rights, freedom of thought and conscience, corona, variants, global warming, climate change and display hostility to humanity. How is it possible that you still do not understand this?

All the humanity of the world, in an interstate and even supra-state organization and in a very insidious way… Very high technology, press, media and social media opportunities are also used… Mostly managed by the Mason cult… It is obvious to those who want to see that it has been come under violent and horrifying attacks without any rule/limit.

Not our world/planet, but the humanity of the world has not much time left. Because even though there are Mason cult, Jews, Zionists, Satanists or the Illuminati as they are known among the people behind such organized, high-tech and long-term attacks, they are also behind them, the alien parties that are hostile to the humanity of the world, namely Gog and Magog they are known among the people. There are dwarf tribes (Greens and Grays). These are clearly visible, they want to reduce the population of the world’s humanity in a short time and lots of disastrous occasions. For this purpose, they do not, and will not, stop striking blows to the natural balance of our planet to some extent.

Isn’t it time for their underground bases to be detected and destroyed, and for the Mason, Jewish, Satanic human demons working for them, as well as their bionic robots, to be detected and destroyed one by one?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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