Must be careful and cautious

Whether Russia can invade Ukraine or not, it will continue to spin and weaken in the vortex I have fallen into. Then she will shatter. Even if she gives up her colonial and blood-sucking interventions against the Central Asian Turkish states, she does not give up and struggles to be dominant there, Russia will fall in the gutter. After that, whatever happens, Russia will collapse and disintegrate. This part is indisputable fact, it is only possible to argue about how long this will take. In this process, I will continue to strike new and fatal blows to Russia where necessary and accelerate the process. I said from the beginning that Russia should invade Ukraine, that we will make moves against the Western world at the same time as the Russians, that Russia should abandon collusion with the western/NATO world, and I gave a respite. In an article I wrote at that time, I also made very clear sentences such as “You will either be victorious at war or you will be torn apart at war”. Here Russia has nothing, from now on but she cannot afford not to fight, and as long as she fights, there is no possibility of winning too.

For this reason, capital owners in the world, especially in Turkey, must take these facts into account. The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project, which has been involved in fraud and black money business from head to toe in Turkey, must also be canceled immediately. One more lira of public loss must not be allowed to occur there. Whatever business has been undertaken jointly with the Russians, it is necessary to look for ways to withdraw calmly and with the least damage. Russia will fail in Syria. I will establish new balances in Syria as well. I will cut off the black money flowing from Syria to Russia in a short time.

In addition, all states that have debts/payments to Russia, including Turkey, must take the payments slowly. In a short time, it will be seen that Russia has become too weak to react to those who do not make these payments. The non-payment of those so-called debts to Russia, which has already owed various countries/nations with colonialism, with black money, with despotism, with fraud and bloodshed, is a requirement of law. In my opinion, those nations that be indebted to Russia at the moment, Russia even owes them. There is even the administrators, who do not want their nation to suffer more, take decisions in this way.

There are many traitors working for Russia in Turkey and the Turkish world. I will deal with these in particular. I’ll send most of these off the game shortly.

Everyone knows, it’s my habit. I will say clearly from the beginning, I will warn you. Give it a short time, then I’ll crush it. I’m telling you..

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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