Turk’s wedding continues

You are panicked, you are always in panic…
What will happen to you?

Turkiye is neither a friend nor a brother to Afghanistan. Everyone must know, tell and write this fact.

No one should pay attention to the announcements to the contrary, even if it is spreaded from the official institutions.

This is the big day…

Mitsotakis will visit Turkiye today and it will go down in history. This official visit and what it caused will be discussed in documentaries, books and articles at least for many centuries.

There will be no women in any operation units that are already exist and that will be established in the future, particularly in PÖH and JÖH…

These are diametrically opposed works, duties to the physical and mental structure of women…

The practices that are not suitable for the creation of people and that harm people’s physical and mental health, therefore, also harm people around them will be abandoned quickly in Turkiye.

The attempts to masculinize the women and the attempts to feminize the men will be stopped.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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