I’m not in it any more. Not only Turkiye but the entire world can go to hell…

Not only Turkiye but the entire world can go to hell…

I am gone now.

From now on, do not share any post in the Akademi Dergisi channel. Do not share even those which are ready to post. There is no point in sharing them. It’s like firing a bullet into the darkness.

We will keep posting in the Okumalar channel only. Do not bother with anything else. Do not waste your time and effort.

There will be no publications in these channels and websites for years.

This song is for all the lovers of Ankara, all the parties across the world who take the risk to accept everything for Ankara…

I have completely closed myself off for the metaphysical contacts. Do not try to contact me with metaphysics, I am not interested.

Also, do not try to physically contact me from Istanbul, Bursa or Çanakkale on different occasions, I am also not interested.

Make sure your men around my place do not cause any problems. Day or night, I don’t want even at the minimum level of any noise for any reason.

I will stay at this place of mine for a few more months and then, I will change my place openly. I do not disguise or hide myself.

In the past 15 years, I have never hid myself or never afraid of anyone even a moment.

I’m thinking of going to Çanakkale for a change of air, to take a vacation. I’m still thinking about it, I haven’t decided yet. If I’ll go, I will stay a few months and come back. And I will go openly while traveling. I will not mess with anyone when traveling but if someone will get in my way, O will bring the entire world down on them.

Everyone mind their own business, take the opportunities and do not mess with me.

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