“Forcing God to Apocalypse, and forcing Turkiye to a regional war”

This is what that center of evil called the Cumhur alliance, which has always been working for Israel, and those who are supposedly called the opposing parties, have been wanting to do with their Hamas and Gaza theater lately…

This is what Istanbul has repeatedly disrupted, obstructed and blocked with the harshest conflicts for years since October 7, 2023…

Istanbul announced with publications 3 and even four years ago that this would happen. Istanbul said that Israel would cause great dangers in our Southern region, but it will be prevented by Istanbul. And so it did. This was a well-known, gigantic trap that was also aimed at destroying our entire nation and state…

TSK, MİT, the Ankara gang, the so-called opposite parties, the press, the media, the leading ones of the social media, all of them have openly betrayed Turkiye but they couldn’t reach the result they aimed for. If they had been successful, there would have been completely different and deplorable conditions for Turkiye and the region right now. But now, Israel is almost destroyed. Tens of countries who have been trying to support it during the process moved aside with the slaps of Istanbul one after another.

At the result, even Istanbul’s dreams has come true but the messiah belief and the prophecy of the so-called Israelis who are the Gypsies in reality turned out to be false. Istanbul, despite all the betrayals from inside the country, all the sieges and oppression from outside the country, crushed dozens of countries of the world and disrupted this game. Istanbul threw this game in the trash.

In the last few years, they wanted to re-enter this process through Hamas, to carry out this betrayal, to drag Turkiye into a swamp and a destruction, Istanbul roared again and did not allow it.

May Allah curse those who still support these traitor politicians and parties in Turkiye by claiming they are muslims, patriots and fair and those who stand against Istanbul instead of fighting sincerely for our homeland and state. They are not muslims, they cannot even be considered human.

If I said it’s over, it’s over…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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