It’s the time; Administrative staff of Kazakhstan!

This visit is one of the most obvious indication that Kazakhistan is not friends with Turkiye and it is friends with money launderer and human trafficker gypsies, the pawns of CIA…

It seems that the people of Kazakhistan has been impacted by what happened to Kazakhistan but obviously its evil administrators didn’t even care.

Then, it’s time to destroy the administrative staff of Kazakhistan and to let them suffer pain.

It is obvious that Tayyip and his gang is in an effort to bring others down with them…

For this purpose, they make some of those who put them in their hands on the black money business visit Turkiye.

This road ends in a precipice…

They are stuck in the swamp, the more they flutters, the faster they drown and they are pulling those who reach out a hand to them to save them to the bottom with them.

There is no other explanation for this situation.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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