USA and China are collapsing hand in hand…

They have lost control in the USA. They can no longer hide that they are collapsed. They can no longer hide the real financial statements. They can no longer hide that the giant companies are in a vortex and are collapsing day by day.

They have no longer bunnies and hats. Let’s see what tricks they will do. I will be very surprised if they can also get away with it. But I won’t be upset…

Because what they do is irrational. They have hidden and postponed the huge crises and collapses in vain…  The result hasn’t changed, and it won’t be. Even if they hide it, it will explode within two weeks at most. It will explode even worse than now. The more it is suppressed, the more violent it will explode.

The canals and straits were close and continued to close. Also, the airlines are closing day by day, their black money business are decreasing day by day and it is the end of the road for the USA. Immediately afterwards, Turkiye and the entire world will enter a crisis.

I’m telling you, this is very serious. I’m not telling it at length but the system of the USA is out of control and from now on, it is nearly impossible for them to take it under control and go on with their lies. So, everyone should take precautions.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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