The “Canaan goddess” statue, like the Gypsies…


This statue, which is estimated to date back about 4,500 years was found in Khan Yunus in Gaza.

They called it the ”goddess of Canaan”. It is known that Palestine and its vast surroundings were a land inhabited by Canaanites/Canaanites thousands of years ago.

Of course, the discovery of this limestone sculpture measuring 22 cm is not surprising for wide circles.

But it got me thinking about the facial features in the statue. If the person who made that statue made it close to the general facial features of the Canaanites in the region, it can be understood without a doubt that the Canaanites were Gypsies whose body shape, genes and therefore behaviors were very distorted.

A long face, a long and shapeless chin, excessively large lips, a rough nose, large and unpleasant eyes, a large and rough forehead, all like Gypsies…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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