All roads that are thought to lead to Iran, leads to hell…

All the roads that lead to Iran actually lead to the hell…

As I’ve openly said and written for a long time, their primary target is Iran…

They want to plunder Iran and they want to turn them into cash. Also, they know that the people of Iran will obey and pledge allegiance to the new leader of Turkiye. They do not want Istanbul to get stronger in the region. They want to get the Great Middle East Project back on its feet and turn the so-called Israel into a great Israel. They think that they can revive their project which is already dead.

After Iran, they want to disintegrate and plunder Azerbaijan and Turkiye.

Iran’s religious and political administrators are also working for Israel, London and Vatican.

Also the political administrators of Turkiye and the political administrators of Russia are working for Israel, London and Vatican.

Both the USA, the UN and China are taking orders from the same center.

Dajjal and the Iblees are making these decisions and they give the orders accordingly.

They have tried so many plans until 7 October, 2023 but I ruined them all. They tried to cause a conflict by colluding Iran since 7 October, 2023 but I have stopped them. They are still trying to create a regional military conflict.

The USA, Russia, England, China, Germany, Israel and Iran are dragging themselves to extinction.

The States who want to be collapsed, disintegrated and destroyed in a short time, should be included in them immediately and they will be the extras of this game.

According to their plan, if Iran will apply the instructions and hit Israel, the USA will try to become the dominant power in the Middle East again, it will find the opportunity for this.

Then, it will say to the parties in the world, “You left the USA for nothing, gather around the USA again. Also, NATO is not collapsed. Do not underestimate NATO.”

This image was made by Akademi Magazine with the artificial intelligence visual generation technique. It is original work.

My skin is not green, my blood is not blue. I am not one of those who live under the ground just like a refuge or one of those who are living in hiding and trying to direct the world.

My name, my adress and my stance are obvious… If I say I will burn, I will. If I say I will destroy, I will. If I say I will rip them off, I will, even I rip their lungs off.

If I say I will ruin the plans, I will ruin them even their despicable plans involving dozens of States. I have ruined them repeatedly. I can and I will do it from now on, too.

If there will be a military movement in my region, I will be the only one who will win. There will be no other winner under or above the ground.

Some of the defeated countries will be worse than Africa. Some of them will be wiped off the map and disappeared.

This is Istanbul, this is the region…
Let’s see those who create turmoil in the region…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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