Turkmenistan, Mehmet Şimşek, battery electric car, Mike Pompeo, power outage..

The Istanbul government:

There is no friendship and exchange relation between the state called Turkmenistan which has almost no ties with Turkishness and which is constantly displaying hostile behaviors and making hostile decisions to the Turks and Islam.

Turkmenistan’s gas will also not be transported to other places via Turkiye. Istanbul-based Turkiye will not allow this project of the Ankebut Cult, either.

We warn the owners of sanity among the investors worldwide not to be deceived by the games of the parties who are playing in front of the cameras but have no authority and not to lose their money/capital to them.

Leave the herd of the blind shepherd.

Mehmet Şimşek wanted to resign several times, they did not let him go.

A few more so-called ministers who want to resign. They can’t see ahead. They definitely know that there is a cliff in front of them.

A large number of so-called deputies want to resign and run away and withdraw.

Even the important satellites of China, Russia, the United States and many other countries in space have been disrupted. They’re hiding it, but they won’t be able to hide it anymore.

They could not completely hide what was happening on the interethnic space station, but they announced it deconstructively.

They are struggling desperately in grave crises and problems. They are in crises in every field, in every issue.

In order to hide them, they increased the collusions between countries and empty statements. They engage the world public opinion.

The US and NATO elements have numbered days in Turkiye and its immediate vicinity. They know with a level of certainty that they will either be destroyed or they will leave, they accepted it, they started preparing for withdrawal.

There will be no real elections in the USA again, a game will be played. Istanbul sees this as a great opportunity and will hit the United States from the ground up on this occasion.

The battery electric car field/sector has completely exploded. There are trillions of dollars of damage, and the damage is growing exponentially.

The crisis cannot be controlled. It has become certain that millions of aggrieved customers will file lawsuits collectively, and they also know this. Even if they skip this year, those cases will definitely be opened next year.

Even the countless car batteries that have been manufactured and are in warehouses will become garbage. Those will not be sold and will not be used. The wave of establishing charging stations will quickly stop, it will fade out. Those who will enter this business will also suffer serious damage. Istanbul has turned their efforts to deceive the whole world’s humanity in the field of battery electric cars against them all.

Istanbul will continue to strike other necessary blows to these vile businesses, these scams. It will not be afraid of anything, any group, person or threat. The events that have taken place in the last two weeks have not even let the rogue actors of this field to breath, they have not provided any benefits.

Anyway, the straits, channels and even the seas are still closed… No one has been able to open and cannot open.

They are trying to hide the big problems experienced in the transportation of gas, oil and petroleum products. Without explaining the facts, they slow down the activities in this field by showing interstate agreements, deceptions, games, showing completely different reasons, making false official statements.

The main issue is what is happening to the ships carrying them and the ship’s employees…

Nothing is normal in our southern Marmara and Aegean regions. Everything is out of balance, including gases, magnetic fields, weather conditions, the temperature of seawater, the behavior of animals.

They are very worried about this situation. They are very afraid that they will have new problems that cannot be solved.


There is a saying in our Turkey, ‘He jumped like a carp’.

While you were carping, I was watching you on TV in the prison, which I knew that I would get out of prison in a short time and I was laughing at you.

I was saying in my gut, ”How can he be so stupid and how can he be so unqualified?. I was saying, ”How could these people ruled the big USA for many years?”

There is another saying,” He who laughs last laughs best.”…

By the way, have you performed some gypsy musics, too? Did you follow your root? Did you celebrate the pharaohs in their tombs?

London is making preparations to direct business groups in Canada to Istanbul. Those business groups in Canada are going to pretend that they’ve decoupled with London.

I will not pay attention to any of them. I will not allow anyone to do remarkable projects anywhere for 7 years. I will cleanse this world by brutally strangling it.

Some groups from the UK, France and Australia also want to make joint moves. They want to be on the side that will make huge projects.

To this day, I have not seen these groups act as sincere allies. I won’t take any of these countries into account, either. I won’t even write them on the list now for seven years from now…

I don’t need anyone’s money or capital. First of all, I need moral, honest, trustworthy, fraud-free investors.

Due to the recent balance changes, Cuba and Venezuela will fall into much bigger problems. It will be possible to make money from these countries. Their black money businesses will also be disrupted to a very large extent. It will also not be possible to keep those two countries afloat.

I’m telling you, take precautions, step back.
No one cares about the election, they’re all in trouble…

When will fake golds become an issue?

There will be one more crisis with Iran. This will be the end of Iran.

Don’t you see it, the power is out everywhere?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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