They’re already fall into their own troubles

They conduct the exercises against the French people in France.

They know that when Turkiye gain its freedom, there will be movements of the people in tens of countries and they will overthrow the governments full of mason and satanist money launderers connected to the Ankebut Cult.

They also see with metaphysics that the events that I informed them from the beginning will happen.

They are collapsing under their own weight already. They will mercilessly shoot the people of France who will fill the streets for freedom. They won’t hesitate to shoot a very high number of civillians.

I repeat: The African groups should be on alert. When I pull the pin of the bomb in Turkiye, the colonist countries won’t be able to find the power to stop or interfere with the struggle of freedom in Africa.

You should also know this…

As we ruin the black money businesses in Turkiye… As we continue to interfere with political, military, financial and even religious balances of the world… The internal balances of the western world which achieved material progress to date. They turned on each other.

There is no state organization, religious community or aid organization they don’t use for black money businesses.

But, the biggest problem is the mafias… The conflicts between the government and the mafias who have been doing black and bloody money businesses together and the conflicts between the different groups of mafias are increasing. They know that it will increase and spread in the streets.

If this goes on, they know that there will be serious problems or even conflicts between the governments who have been doing every kind of savage and inhumane black money businesses by colluding.

Whichever way you look at it, the western elements who have never developed with its effort, intelligence, knowledge, technology cannot resist against the Istanbul-based new world order and they are collapsing.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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