Yucatan Sinkhole

Even though there is not enough scientific evidence to call it a crater, people called the Yucatan hole the “Yucatan crater”… They keep calling it a crater even though the scientists who discovered this hole for the first time when searching for oil have come to certain conclusion in a very short while and said “This is not a crater”. They are lying. They know that it is not a crater. They also have the evidence that it is not a crater. But only the Yucatan hole alone is enough to destroy the false history as we have been told and the theory of evolution that we are imposed. Therefore, they cannot accept the reality of the Yucatan hole. They deny it in an immoral way. The Yucatan hole is 200 km and its depth is over 20 km. It is very deep that a meteor cannot cause. Its surface is very smooth that a meteor cannot cause. It seems like that it has been made perfectly by a long-lasting work… And there is still no meteor rocks/fragments that they claimed to exist.

Even though the depth of the Yucatan ocean hole  nearly 30 km, why the Mariana hole which is a hole 11 km deep is called “the deepest hole in the world”. What do we not understand or know and these evaluations, acceptances and the publications seem strange to us? What is the real depth of the Yucatan hole? Why Wiki has no information about the depth of the Yucatan hole? Why is there very limited information on the internet sources (including the websites on earth science) about the Yucatan hole and why is every part of the information contradictory in every source? Even the articles about when and by whom the Yucatan hole was discovered are contradictory. Was it discovered in 1960, 1970 or 1990 or on another date? Was it discovered by the geophysicists who were searching for oil or by someone else? On what basis are the sources saying that its depth is 20 or 30 km? Why the sources who have no information of its depth don’t want to write about it? What is happening about the Yucatan ocean hole? Is there a human specie who can live under the sea who permanently live in the hole? Is it where the tribe of the Queen Bilquis who is the Queen of Sheba live? Or is there a different human specie living there? Or there was an artificial island built with very advanced technology in there and it took off and went to another place or maybe it traveled to space. Or was there once a gigantic city with a roof which was built with very advanced technology used to stay under the ocean? Was it the specie called the Nymphs living in the city? Or there was no ocean water in the area and there was a very special city or an artificial lake in the area? If not one of these, then what really happened there and the more important thing is, what is happening in there today? What is the real reason of secrecy, contradictories and why is no one forcing this subject? Is it that hard to go there with a ship and to measure its depth with a sonar device that sends advanced sonic vibrations into the ocean?

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