That ship they call TCG Anadolu is also a design flaw

It’s not a real airplane carrier. It is a pile of metal that cannot be understood why it was designed and produced…

In its current state, it cannot serve as an airplane carrier, also it cannot be properly used for any other military purposes. But we wouldn’t object if it is said they use it for arm, equipment, human, organ and drug trafficking businesses.

We wouldn’t let anyone those who say that they will build one more of this and that money will be given to this. Enough with their scum, deceit, betrayal, arrogannce.

Turkiye will make no business with Spain unless Spain completely and really leave the Ankebut Cult.

Also, Turkiye has been building its own planes, ships, submarines even ten years ago and even there was no AKPKK.

Turkiye doesn’t have to work with Spain to build piles of metals that can float. When the betrayals and exploitation end, Turkiye can build even an airplane carrier entirely on their own. It wouldn’t need support from anyone.

Turkiye can also build the military planes that it needs on their own in a very short time. It doesn’t have to run after the planes of anyone.

We are tired of the deceit of those who cannot even build a Hür Kuş or a Hür Jet and bought training aircrafts from the South Korea and other countries.

The entire world knows that ATAKs was a collusion with the Italian masons who are money launderers and savages and that Turkiye didn’t build the ATAKs.

Whichever way you look at it, the biggest obstacle for Turkiye that needs to be removed is not the Western world, the USA, or the others… The first one to be removed is the Ankara gang and the regime emposed by England which is a so-called modern but a colonist country…

Soon, I will give an order and everything belongs to China and Russia and the Chinese people and Russians will be confiscated.

Everything that are moveable and immovable… Even to the houses, apartmants, lands, fields and facilities…

That will not matter if it belongs to private persons, legal persons, the foundations, associations or if it is on a foreign person or a foreign company. There will be a big calculation first. The total amount of money Turkiye will receive will be determined. It will be demanded from the related countries. If they will not pay, we will not give them back anything of their confiscated assets in Turkiye. As soon as possible, war will be declared to Russia and China and we will take the receivables anyway. We will disintegrate both Russia and China into parts.

At that time, I will place the African communities that I consider appropriate to China and to various regions in Russia. I will make sure the Africans gain great spoils during war. I will make sure the other exploited nations take their revenge.

I will give the order to strangle and destroy all the colonists and the money launderers.

All the officials who are the tools of those who damage TSK and those who deceive the Turkish people through TSK will be trialed. Those found guilty among them will be executed. Because they sell out their homeland and nation and it is clearly a betrayal.

It is not that easy to sign the betrayals, hauls, exploitations. There is a price for each of them.

Even the members of the media and press who spread these lies will not be able to survive.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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