Free to fire…

Russia and China will not be allowed to penetrate the regions that the USA which is a pawn of London wil leave.

There is no difference between England, Russia, the USA and China for us. All these countries are the elements of the same system. There are some partial problems between them but they still act together on the main lines.

We will consider all the parties as if they are “colonist or not” and “the pawns of the London-based satanic system or not”.

I can’t understand Barrack Obama clearly. He should talk more clearly and concisely.

By “The U.S. citizens in the Middle East”, is he referring to the so-called soldiers, the so-called officers, the so-called diplomats, the so-called businessmen, the so-called members of the civil society organizationz which means all the members of the U.S. black money network? Everyone already knows that the USA is doing black money trafficking with its state system by including its army and even it is doing human and organ trafficking through its army. Everyone knows that its diplomats organize these businesses as well.

If John meant those who are not civilians and innocents but are used for the black money and exploitation businesses by “the U.S citizens”, then the statement above is good for the USA… But if he meant the civillians, innocents and who won’t be harmed, then this statement is a grave mistake for the USA…

The USA knows what to do. It has no military, political and financial power to stay in the Middle East, exploit the region more and to shed more blood. I have been writing that “The USA will not be able to have power and time to take its soldiers back from here.”

Whether the USA which is a collapsed country will borrow some money from somewhere and take everything it has back from here right now or the Americans will be killed and destroyed here, now. We will keep what’s left of them as trophies. The pawns of the USA in our lands will be destroyed as well.

I will make the Middle East the tomb of the colonists, the money launderers, the human and organ traffickers. Now, everyone make their decisions. I am not playing a game. I am very serious.

I almost forgot. There is no war between Palestine and Israel at the moment. Therefore, there is no possibility of the war spreading to other countries because it doesn’t exist. The leaders who runs to the help of Israel can’t even help themselves. The desperation, weakness and fear of Israel, England and the USA and the countries who are the pawns of them before the eyes of the world…

They should whether play a different game and take everything back they have in the Middle East under this prexet or it will be too late for them.

England, the USA, Israel, Russia and China have no power to protect the Kingdom in Saudi America and to keep it afloat.

They are in miserable conditions. They are so desperate. They cannot even heal their own wounds but playing games in front of the cameras and trying to look different.

Also they don’t have the military, financial and political power to protect their pawns in Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq and Syria and to keep them afloat.

The 90 percent of the job is over. Istanbul destroyed the London-based world order and the leading actors of the order.

It is time a big uprising of liberation for the Middle East… The Middle East must rise up. All the elements should call everyone who can use weapons to the streets. The final blows must be struck now and all the peoples of the Middle East should get rid of the blood-sucking demonized people and their system completely. They should live in the riches of their own countries and lands.

The Ankebut Cult can do nothing but playing games in front of the cameras all around the world and they even cannot do it properly in recent days.

Which part of the metal storm are we in?
Is Gokhan Birdağ so close to strike the final blow?

Firstly, all the aircrafts will be destroyed during the attacks to the NATO and the U.S. bases. The runways will be destroyed. The fuel tanks will be destroyed. They will not be allowed to escape.

No one will pay attention to what others say. This is the war of liberation. This is the liberation war to liberate yourselves from those who kidnap babies, children, young women and from the savage organ traffickers. This is the war of liberation to liberate yourselves from the petrol and grain traffickers and the drug smugglers. This is the war of liberation to destroy those who exploited the Middle East to its blood.

This is a legal and honorable war for religion, honor, security of life and also for saving the entire world humanity from the colonist and terrorist states.

We will carry this war to the lands of the USA, England, Russia and China. We will liberate them, either. We will take back everything they stole from us even in those lands.

Free to fire…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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