Here is an opportunity for those who want to overthrow Princess Salman…

Both Israel and the USA are cornered. Also China who is a pawn of them is desperate. Russia is already collapsed.

The Istanbul winds are blowing in the Middle East. Take advantage of these blows, solve this problem.

Bring proper persons in power and let us work together.

Take part in “the winners club”, not in the “losers club”. Take part in the “Power Alliance”. Do not be a colonial country or a colonist country. Earn huge amount of money in legal ways.

I am challenging all the elements who use the pawn, Ahmet Davutyan:

– I will ruin your game and I will rip apart your pawns and throw them in front of you.

Do not surprise. Both the Saudi Kingdom and the United Kingdom will be collapsed. Every kingdom who follow the iblees, who work for satanism will be collapsed and destroyed.

The U.S. elements in Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, the UAE and Qatar will be targeted primarily.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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