There is no connection between Tayyip’s speech and the stock market crash

The main actors of the stock exchange already want Tayyip talk this way. They want Tayyip find black money sources, and if necessary, drag Turkiye towards the swamp of the Middle East and they do not care about our people. They also do not care about the children, babies, women…

Neither Israel nor the Israeli/mason lobbies in various countries make move to drag the exchange market down. On the contrary, those who are trying hardest to keep it afloat are them and the secret Armenian traitors.

The stock exchange is already collapsed but they hid it with various games and tricks. The stock exchange collapsed from the Monday morning… What I wrote on the weekend and even what I wrote on the previous weekend made China enter a major crisis. Even the U.S. officials made statements in panic. The world has shaken. It shook the world. How could the stock exchange stay afloat?

Stop making ridiculous comments. Widen your horizon and see the truths. You are talking such nonsense.

They are keeping the stock exchange afloat against me for years. But they ran out of black money. They can no longer provide money from those who are called the Arabs, they also have financial problems. No one can see ahead. There is no one making investments in Turkiye and no one will. It has become certain that the urgent shortage of cash will not be resolved. Even England, Israel and the USA are collapsed. Who will bring tens of billions of dollars into Turkiye from undisclosed sources?

All of them know that I will take back everything they gave away from Turkiye and bury them in our lands. Under these circumstances, who would stay or make investments in Turkiye, who would bring money in Turkiye from undisclosed sources if their business will end up coming to nothing and things will be taken away from them?

That’s all over. The stock exchange is collapsing because of this. It is collapsing because the “Rums” who are the entire Christian world is defeated in the last conflict. It is also because of Israel have lost it. It is also because of London is no longer in charge. It is also because of there are so many of those who trust Istanbul and shy away from the stock market.

It is also because of there is a high number of people who focused on making great investments with their capitals together with Istanbul.

Do you remember the day they didn’t carry out the coup ?
I never forgot that day.

The public opinion and all the parties should be ready for Soylu’s arrest. He cannot escape this time.

To see a person in your dream crashing into the sea with his car… Indicates that he will be suddenly intercepted by the state powers and will be arrested.

It indicates that he cannot escape and will be caught. I don’t know which parties’ dream interpreters have found out these but I wrote it for those who couldn’t. Because even if I write it publicly, the right conditions are established for it to happen and it will not change. The dream will not be changed or delayed and it will happen.

This is what I am telling:

“He is embarrassed. All the filth and crimes of him are uncovered and he killed himself.”


To see a person in a dream killing himself doesn’t indicate that he will kill himself in real life.

It indicates that all the balances he is in will be ruined, his world will fall apart, that he will be in very harsh conditions and will lose everything he has, that he will go to prison, he will lose his reputation and no matter how he tries, he cannot change the course.

What about Meral AkĹźener? What will happen to her?

I am reminding it, Bahçeli will get ahead of the funeral car convoy.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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