Fire at will…

I call on all the parties who want peace, health, abundance, material prosperity, various projects, beautiful lives, happy children in the Middle East:

My words are like law and everyone in the world knows this. Your religion, race and culture are not an issue/problem to me. The highest level of freedom will be prevailed in the Middle East.

How quickly we will reach those beautiful days depends on the decisions of yours. You will reach those days quicker if you share the struggle of Istanbul and Istanbul will never let you down, will never set you a trap and exploit you.

The statements of the officials of the U.S. and Israel will not be regarded as reliable. If we have to pay a price for a short while, we will. There will be martyrs and veterans. But we will target all the colonist elements in the Middle East without distinction between them.

The civilians will never be harmed but all the military and political elements of the USA, Israel, the other western colonist countries and Russia in the Middle East will be targeted. They will be destroyed without hesitation.

Also, all of the military and political elements of Turkiye will be targeted until the traitors in Turkiye will be overthrown and the actors of the U.S., England and Israel will be destroyed.

Now, let everybody move their fingers, pull that trigger and start the struggle for liberation.

I will make a high number of Western and Aisian groups of good people participate in this struggle and they will go and make investments in the Middle East in a legal way and without exploiting them. They will earn big amount of money and make you earn as well.

Weapons free…

If you move in this direction that we have opened, you should know that we will make meetings with your leaders in Istanbul in a very short time. With the meetings that we will make by exposing them to the entire world and by reflecting some of them to the press, we will reestablish all the balances in the Middle East. We will resolve all the problems in a fair and humane way and we remake the Middle East the center of the world as has happened throughout human history.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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