Gaza will be destroyed

Gaza will be razed. Those who want to be razed should go there.

I am not going to prevent Gaza from experiencing what it deserves and no one of those who are on my side will involve in this. None of the institutions and organizations of Turkiye will involve in this.

They said there are 3 million volunteers in Iran. There are volunteers in Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan and even in Europe. They should go then? Did we say something or did we stop them?

We have tested the water for so many times, removed the obstacles, encouraged them, tested their sincerity, warned them and we would do everything necessary if they would take action.

We are out of this as Turkiye. We will speak to those in the language that they understand.

Look at this disgrace. They cried and screamed for two hours and then dispersed.

Babies are being crushed, and it seems like tens of millions of muslims feel an unbearable pain of this. So what is this unresponsiveness? This kind of a problem and a pain can even make the muslims overthrow governments but they couldn’t overthrow even one company. They couldn’t overthrow even one diplomat, one secret Jewish boss, deputy, artist. They didn’t even say, “O demonized people, despite all the sadism, how can you defend or support Israel? How can you work for them?”

A high number of volunteered soldiers has gone to Israel from Turkiye, only the so-called muslims couldn’t go to Palestine. They have both money and connections. Millions of them can go if they want.

I don’t care what they do. But I will cut the breath and the head of those who want to get my state involved in this.

Iran can go to hell as well. There is a possibility that they will hit Iran with nuclear bombs one after another… We will not even care. We have seen such hostility for years. But still we give them opportunities for so many times but we have seen hostility.

Iran is one of the darkest countries of the world.

Not only islam but even humanity don’t exist in that country. There are all kind of dirty businesses in it.

When you say what you want and give them the money, they will find it immediately.

They can find women, young girls, children, babies, organ, weapons, drugs and even nuclear materials. They would work for everyone who give them money.

Iran have black money networks in Israel and the western countries, on the other hand, in China Russia, the North Korea and Japan… They work simultaneously with countries hostile to each other without any problems. And the countries see no problem with it and don’t cause Iran any problem. They never get angry with Iran and say, “How can you work with us and with our enemies at the same time.”

Even the organization they named as “Hezbollah” which means those who take the side of Allah is a very dark smuggling organization. They cannot even cover the expenses of this organization for two months without the black money businesses…

If you enter this organization, you would get overwhelmed because of the spiritual darkness and the heresy in it. There is extremism, exaggeration, dishonesty in it. The so-called religious teachings and directions cause most of them psychological trauma. The secret Armenian and Christian traitors appear as Mullahs at the head of Iran already want to control them with magic also.

So much scam… So much hypocrisy…  I wouldn’t even surprise if not just one but thousands of nuclear bombs will be thrown in Iran. If not, then Allah will punish them with other occasions.

What about the Palestinians? Are they any different than the Iranians, Egyptians or Iraqis? They have nothing proper.

There is only the name of islam and humanity. Those are exist only in words. It is the opposite in practice…

Those who want to crush them down shouldn’t wait and crush them. If they don’t, I will do it soon when the conditions are right.

What else can I do? How can I give them advise, being an example to them, lead them and guide them righteousness more than that? I collapsed tens of countries they have been struggling with and see as enemies without firing a shot. even though their job became a lot easier, all they do is talking, singing anthems, sharing posts, rallying, discourses of the parties and hypocrisy… No action. Even in these circumstances, they don’t take one step further. They don’t strike even one real blow to the enemies who are already nearly finished.

It’s enough with they are being satanists, masons, secret Armenians and Christians, being dogs on leash of the Jews, their collusions. Let this world to be cleaned.

Our hearts hurt for the innocents, babies, children but it is good for them. They won’t be raised among the hypocrites, money launderer scambags, dehumanized and shameless people who discuss religious matters everyday despite all these and be like them. They directly go to heaven. They will be protected from the eternal torment of hell.

To be raised among them and not to be like them is as difficult as holding embers in our hands and not burning… It is extremely difficult and most of them cannot make it and follow them. Therefore, dying innocent is better for them.

Did you see it?

“The Palestine cause” and “The Palestinians cause” are different from each other.
We own the Palestine cause, the land is ours and we will take it back. We are not on the same basis with the Palestinians. The claim that the Palestinians are muslims, oppressed and innocent is a huge lie.

The gypsies, Armenians, Christians who are hostile to islam from all around the world are feeling sorry for the Palestinians.

I wrote down the so-called politicians who raised their voices by name. All of them are secret Armenians/gypsies.

Even Doğu Perinçek who is a historical terrorist and murderer supports, owns and loves the Palestinians.

Be a bit smart…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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