What does “Turkish singer of Jewish origin” mean?

A person is Turkish or Jewish. Why are you trying to call everyone Turkish?

They do every kind of dirty deeds and then, they say, “The Turkish nation is that kind of a nation.” and others slander us because of them.

More than half of the population of Turkiye are not Turkish. They are not of Turkish descent, either. There are people from tens of different races in these lands… Most of them don’t know their origin. There has been an assimilation in these lands by saying “Adıtürk, Adıtürk”…

Stop calling everyone Turkish. They are not Turkish. Call them “The Jewish descent Turkish singer” or “Turkish citizen Jewish singer”. Or make similar sentences. Not everyone have to be Turkish or have to accept themselves as Turkish. No one have to praise the Turkish people day and night.

You should get rid of the ridiculous acceptances the outdated Kamalist regime imposed by England have encoded into your minds. Let everyone live freely with their race, religion, thought and express them freely but no one shouldn’t be separatists, terrorists and should recognize the law.

By the way, as I wrote openly before, more than half of the population of Turkiye are not of muslim origin. They labeled and recorded everyone as muslims and it caused big mischief. They recorded those who have priest, rabbi, cardinal forefathers as muslims in the records.  Those people live their lives the way the muslims never live their lives. They do every kind of dirty deeds. Then, they say, “Look at how disgraceful those muslims are.” They are unjustly slander us, but them. Who has the right to do this?

Everyone should appear who they really are. Let everyone’s true face to be revealed. Let everything to be understood. And the era of the crypto-ID traitors who feed on the imposed system will end.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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