Dozens of countries that tried to protect Ankara and keep it in existence went bankrupt

Mehmet Şimşek costs the public a waste of money. He is trying in vain. No investors will come to Turkiye, if they come here by taking the risk, they will lose great amount of money and also will be trialed.

Şimşek’s mental health was not good already but it has got worse. He can’t even control himself. How can it be expected from him to control the treasury and the finance? Be realistic.

Those who don’t want to accept that the gang called the Ankara government is collapsed by the Istanbul government and are being stubborn irrationally have caused all that’s happened and they still do the same.

A high number of businesses and bosses connected to the Ankebut Cult in Turkiye have gone bankrupt because of the same reasons and still there are more to collapse. They are still telling tales to the people and the indicators in the financial statements are false/baloon.

The pawns who are put on the political stage by those who behave stubbornly against the Istanbul government are already out of the game. They became useless. They even became a burden for the Ankebut Cult. This stubborness caused a great damage and loss to the Ankebut Cult in Turkiye and across the world and it still does.

If they would have got any brain and sense, they wouldn’t try to establish a new government. They wouldn’t bring Kalın at the head of MİT and appoint Fidan as the ministry of foreign affairs. These are dreadful mistakes and stubborness. The price they payed so far is nothing. You will see how big the prices they will pay in the following days.

I repeatedly wrote:

This purulent abscess is popped. It is not possible to close or suture the wound. If it will be sutured or closed, it would pop violently.

It happened the way I said though. Tens of countries who tried to protect the Ankara government and who tried to maintain its existence are collapsed.

They sank to the bottom and they created the Palestine-Israel issue to occupy the agenda and to distract the people.

And also, they created it to prevent the announcement of the bankruptcy of Israel. Every part of their system are collapsed and finished.

Keep your capitals in safe, do not deceived by the games they play in front of the cameras.

As I already openly wrote before that Germany took its path and prefered to be destroyed. The capital owners who are still in Germany should leave Germany.

The money doesn’t flow as much as they expected into the so-called islamic communities and so-called islamic aid organizations through the Palestine-Israel theatre. Therefore, the money doesn’t flow into Israel through them. They couldn’t achieved what they want in this part either.

There is something I didn’t tell you “openly” for a long time. The princess Salman can be overthrown with an invasion. Kaaba and the Masjid Al-Aqsa can be demolished during the invasion.

There are some parties who are so angry with Bahçeli. They want to kill him without noise. They will even use those who are very close to him to kill him.

They want to give the job to the one who doesn’t even know his ancestors and who is chasing after his desires and ambition.

This is a very, very solid intelligence…
It is confirmed by various channels.

There are parties who want to expose Tayyip’s connections with the terrorist organizations with tangible evidences. They have so many evidences in their hands. They are in the final decision-making process. They say, it will be like “Tayyip=PKK” and people will see PKK when they look at Tayyip.

That’s what they say.

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