No compromise…

I repeat.

All the parties within and outside Turkiye should know that I will never compromise on these terms:

  • All the so-called refugees, those who became so-called Turkish citizens and those who bought property in Turkiye will be deported with an intervention that will take a maximum of fifteen days.
  • All of the U.S. And NATO bases in Turkiye will be shut down.
  • LGBT will be rapidly eradicated in Turkiye.
  • Terror will be rapidly eradicated in Turkiye. There will be no terrorist organization in Turkiye, they even won’t be able make a move in Turkiye. The era of “Your terrorist organization, my terrorist organization” will be over.
  • There will be no insidious or open hostility to the Turks and islam. The innocents among the members of other races and religions will not be pressured because of their race or religion.
  • Turkiye will be a real state of law.
  • The regime will be changed in Turkiye. The system called Republic and Democracy which put the ignorants on a pedestal, turned the country into a hell and which is an imposition of London will be changed immediately. The house of evil called TBMM will be shut down right away.
  • The human and organ trafficking in Turkiye will be ended immediately and literally. Prostitution by force and deceiving and drawing women into traps to drag them prostitution will be ended immediately. Also, drug smuggling and the use of drugs will be ended by spreading over time.
  • The struggles that impose corruption, a genderless society, perversion, terrorism, nudity, impudence and the struggles that legitimize extramarital relationships and drag the society into spiritual and material disasters will be ended immediately.
  • All the activities of the Free Masonry will be banned literally and immediately. And they will not be allowed to go underground.
  • Satanism will being treated the same as  terrorism and satanism will be banned.
  • The magicians, the satanists, the perverts, the members of the terrorist organizations, the supporters of the terrorist organizations, those who killed people unjustly will be sentenced to death immediately.

These terms don’t suit you? It’s not a problem at all… Those who don’t accept my terms shouldn’t try to reach me and waste my time. I do not even care about them. I will accomplish those things and more either way and even in a very short time.

In addition, I don’t want anyone to reach me by setting up games, by wasting my time and luring me into traps. I’m fed up with those games and the time has come to give them the responses they deserve. My responses will be as harsh as they deserve and will be very destructive.

I repeat again.

Stay away from the crypto currency. Turn your money into gold or precious metals and keep them in a safe place which belongs to you and keep cash only as much as you need on hand and keep it in Euro for a temporary period.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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