If anyone wants to say something to me through a man called Dugin or what his name…

They should know that I do not trust him and never followed him. Someone told me that he have made some statements in recent days but I took no time for it, I wasn’t even curious about what he wrote and said.

I came this far and I will not stop until I overthrow the gang in power in Russia and take Russia out of the control of the London-based global gang. I will not move along with Russia under the control of the London gang.

I don’t know if someone is trying to tell me something and I am not interested, I just wanted to repeat these.

If there are those who want to save Russia and want Russia have a place in “the winners club” with an Istanbul-based very powerful Turkiye, they must strike the final blows to the gang called the government. They must do their parts. I have already done everything and established the conditions and all they have to do is a little effort and give a struggle.

I already said that if they won’t strike the blows to them, I will not allow Russia exist. If they will do it and save Russia from the claws of London, then, we will move along with them. I do not understand and am not interested who questions what or tries what…

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