Türkiye will not intervene directly in this issue

Even if they hit a thousand hospitals…
Even if a million civilians will die…
Even if they destroy the entire Palestine…
Even if they destroy Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Lebanon after Palestine…

Turkiye will not directly interfere with this issue. Turkiye will not send any soldier, weapon, ammunition, money, food, medical aid etc. to Palestine or Israel and will not mediate between them.

Until the right time comes and when conditions are right and when I declared the opposite…

I have directed and checked the field and I and everyone saw that the field deserves to be damned. The ummah of Muhammed (pbuh) does not exist, it exists in only theory. It is the same for centuries… Then, damn to the field. Everybody will get what they deserve. Will we enter the field to prevent the hypocrite masses from being destroyed or for Israel to lure Turkiye into traps? Moreover, when Tayyip, Bahçeli and the opposition parties and leaders are taking orders from Israel, England and the USA?

Turkiye will resolve its internal problems during this period. We will strangle and destroy Israel within our country. We will give those who will go to Israel for military service a bullet as a gift before they go. We will do everything we will within our borders. We will investigate, prosecute the companies who pay taxes to Israel and if they prolong the matter, we will shot them down. Turkiye will get into the Palestine-Israel issue from the most basic. A strangled Israel in Turkiye means the collapse of the so-called state called Israel.

Why are they getting excited? Doesn’t the organisation of the UN exist? Didn’t they call them for an emergency meetings? What about China, Russia and Iran? Why are they trying to drag Turkiye into every kind of burden?

If they keep setting up insidious games and making ridiculously simple moves, then we will give them damage in every move they make. It is that simple. Why are we making such a big deal out of this? I can give a command to shot  thousands of the cadres of Israel, then you’ll see how powerful Turkiye is…

We will strangle the USA within Turkiye. We will destroy the U.S. And NATO bases. We will expell the so-called refugees to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Bulgaria and Israel by the sea.

We will struggle against the plans of disintegrate Turkiye and take our East and South East regions from us. We will strangle Israel and Armenia who work for those despicable and divisive plans within our country.

Is it understood well? We haven’t even extinguished the massive fire in our country and we are being dragged to other places to extinguish their fire.

If the balances and plans will change and if Turkiye have to intervene in Palestine or any other country, I will announce it anyway. No one should worry about that.

Calm down, turn the attention towards Turkiye, make effective moves now or make objections and raise your voice to make it clearer who you are working for.
Then, you will take your gifts, either.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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