Those who do not want to perish with Israel should stay away from Israel

The land called Israel in a condition that cannot stand on its own without taking money, food, medicine, weapon, ammunition, equipment, technical personnel from the other countries.

Although there is no real state, army or even terrorist organization against it as an enemy, it is in such a bad condition. Hamas and the others are under control of Israel.

All the collusions to keep Israel afloat will be in vain. I will ruin them all. It is insanity and a grave mistake to try to expand its territories when it should be destroyed already and to try to implement the Great Israel Project which I already crushed under my foot and strangled…

No one can stop or kill me or turn me from my course. The simple games and traps of Israel and the state leaders under its command, those pawns on leashes cannot stop me and turn me from my direction.

The parties who have any sense must stay away from Israel. Because if necessary, I will throw this planet into the trash to strike it the final blows and destroy Israel and then London.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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