What are Saudi America, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman waiting for?

What is this inaction? They are playing games in front of the cameras. He kept Blinken waiting and bla bla bla…

He can do action? What have the Suuds done in the field? What have the others done?

Why don’t they do anything?

Is that the right time for demonstration in front of the consulates or embassies of the USA, Israel or the countries who support them?

Aren’t the deaths and casualties continue to increase?

Is there anybody left who doesn’t understand that these countries led by the pro-israeli mason brothers?

Is there anybody left who doesn’t understand that they are targeting me because of I am exposing and ruining this game?

This is not a fight. This is not a war. This is not hostility. This is collusion and there is black money trafficking in the background of it.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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