There is no such a state or government called Israel

The so-called Israeli consulate and embassy in Turkiye have no diplomatic immunity. Because now it is before the eyes that the Israeli government is a crime and terror organization that doesn’t recognize the law.

There is no state or government called Israel.

Our law enforcement shouldn’t being dragged into unnecessary struggles and the diplomatic representatives of those who don’t recognize the law shouldn’t be left to the mercy of the demonstrators.

From now on, even the governments that will make pro-Israeli statements will be considered the open supporters of a crime and terror organization and participated in their crime.

Even recognizing those who don’t recognize the law is a crime and to defend those who don’t recognize the law is a bigger crime.

The USA who still lawlessly support Israel despite its terrorism is also responsible for the massacres and various warcrimes. The USA turned into a lawless terror element either.

The military and diplomatic elements of the U.S. in Turkiye is a party of this war, the warcrimes, massacres and the terrorist activities. This elements’ activities in Turkiye are not legal and also it threats the security of Turkiye.

The USA made its choice to be destroyed with Israel. The law enforcement should leave the ordinary course of the field. And the so-called military and diplomatic U.S. elements should be eradicated from Turkiye

It is in accordance with the law to give physical and violent responses to McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC and similar companies everywhere in the world.

The entire humanity don’t have to endure the savagery and exploitation of a bunch of masons, satanists and the Jews. If the governments don’t do their job and expell them then, it is the nations’ job to do this.

Setting fire to the center of the black money, exploitation, murder and massacre called the U.S. embassy in Lebanon is not against the law. It is quite a late action.

I appreciate those who burned it and advice them not to stop and continue to burn and destroy the others.

Let the world burn now and the London-based satanic world order take the final blows openly.

Let all the states, governments, nations, armies, civil society organizations, companies who are the pawns and servants of the London-based satanic world order get the punishment they deserved.

The mason lodges should be raided, burned and destroyed all around the world. The people who are absolutely proved to be masons must be killed. Those who turned this world into hell are the masons…

If the people at the head of the Arab countries won’t “really” respond to the USA, Israel and the countries who support them, then those Arab countries should fall into turmoil, either. Those pawns of Israel must be overthrown.

Isn’t it time to overthrow the pawns at the head of Iran?

These behaviors of a community who commits all kinds of sins, heresy and perversion and then put all the sins to a goat or a chicken is not surprising.

They were going to continue to attack the hospital and turn Gaza into a fire place. They were going to destroy the entire Palestine. Then, they were going to turn the Middle East into a fire place through the traitors, spies and the money launderers that they put at the head of the countries.

They didn’t even care about the responses they would receive from the other peoples. Their plans didn’t work. Istanbul didn’t fall and declared that it will destroy them. They reversed their decisions and the number of those are rising by the minute.

They never attacked a hospital before? The western press was giving us only little information about it.

Israel attacked that hospital because it couldn’t achieve the result it wanted from the ongoing metaphysical conflicts. They sacrificed the innocent civilians they killed in the hospital to the iblees and wanted to collect dark energy for their magic and metaphysical attacks.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can verify this information through the honest metaphysicists.

If I didn’t make any publications in that night, they were going to kill thousands of more people mercilessly and without caring anyone else.

They reversed their decisions when they saw that I did not die, that I was continuing make publications and still challenging them. They reversed their decisions across the world as a chain reaction.

Israel didn’t make this attack without the knowledge of the USA, Europe, the Arab leaders, China, Russia and Iran. Dark magic was raining towards Istanbul from these countries and other countless countries. Armies of mediums was simultaneously attacking Istanbul with metaphysics. The jinn realm was helping them. They were kiling innocent people in the satanic rituals to sacrifice them to the iblees and for dark magic.

I already wrote that repeatedly. Throughout the history of mankind, the iblees always made comprehensive attacks against the righteous people who wanted to serve the prophets and islam.

At least, tens of thousands of prophets were martyred by those attacks. They wanted to do the same to the prophet Saleh and it resulted with the destruction of the people of Thamud.

They made this sorts of metaphysical comprehensive attacks towards our prophet simultaneously, they tried so hard but couldn’t achieve a result.

When our prophet started to respond, the polytheists and unbelievers started to become strange. Even though they were eating well, their bodies were acting like they didn’t feed themselves at all. They were losing their health and power day by day. It was reported as “There was famine” in the sources. But those people who had trade activities weren’t experiencing famine. They were not without water or food. They were exposed to the metaphysical signals.

They were defeated in the result. Those magicians, priests, rabbies, satanists were like a council. They have agreed, they went to our prophet and accepted his might and power, asked for forgiveness. Our prophet stopped the signal but he knew that they will not give up and try whatever they could to harm him. If our prophet would continue to the metaphysical attack, they would have died one after another. Any doctor or medicine could cure them.

I keep writing it. They make moves with so many purposes but the common goal of tens of countries is to stop the new leader that the people talk about and who is expected to be emerged soon. The goal is to destroy him, take him from the game and change the destiny, create a messiah and continue deceiving the humanity.

Dajjal and the iblees trying for this through the mason brothers that they put at the head of tens of countries.

Are they kidding with the people? Is that all?

What purpose does the unity serves? Is it serving the interests of Israel and the Christian world which is no different than Israel?

If someone would ask me what is betrayal, I would show them this screen shot.

Israel is directing Hamas by calling them depending on the situation. They give them commands such as “remain calm” “hit it from this direction” or “do this in that region”.

The organ harvest and baby, children and women trafficking are being increased.

The Ankara gang which Fahrettin Koca who is a famous organ trafficker scambag is involved in want their shares from the black money businesses in that region.

Biden must be going very, very special rituals…

He must have secret purposes more than one.

The photograph of the Saudi king Salman, the U.S president Trump and the Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi left its mark on the media.

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