Elon Musk’s struggles

Baloon Musk has said, “All users of X will have to pay $1 a year for access to the platform”.

In today’s current competitive market, only a company which is already collapsed but trying to hide it and wanting to continue its service would make this decision.

They are trying in vain. They survived with black money, with the incomes from the drug traffickings but the companies which seem like owned by Baloon Musk have no room for action now.

I will also continue strangling their black money businesses.

I will implement the e-devlet (e-state) project which will have a social network and a video platform in a very short time. It will provide a qualified and fair service without censorship to the entire world. It will be integrated with the social network. I will have over a billion followers on that platform.

All the state leaders, the members of the governments, businessmen and scientists (who don’t work for the Ankebut Cult and Masonry) from all around the world will be gathered on that platform.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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