They want blood to flow

Doğu Perinçek still wants to strengthen PKK.

Bahçeli still wants a bloodshed.

Bahçeli said in a statement that “They shouldn’t trust their brothers from the U.S. and shouldn’t get in our way” was a trick.

He said also in a statement that “Palestine was our land for the last 400 years, England invaded it.” was also a trick.

They said these to drag Turkiye into the Middle East mess and as it is seen, there is no response from the world and there won’t be.

These traitors and pawns of others are wasting their breath by playing simple games…

Bahçeli said in a statement about our Cyprus island that “From now on, we shouldn’t say TRNC, we should call it the Cyprus state.” was also a game.

Ersin Tatar which is also a tratior made the same statement after Bahçeli and thanked him. And then, he made an official statement and said, “The only solution for Cyprus is to have two separate states in Cyprus.”

They think that Istanbul is a carp who takes the bait.

Tayyip stopped fishing after I said, “Take your ball and walk away Tayyip! Who do you think you’re kidding? Did you forget that you are the co-president of the The Great Middle East project?” in one of my articles.

The traitors who are the pawns of others and money launderers and the gangs have done this country and this people all sorts of harm with these games…

An English gypsy prince was going to come to Turkiye, did he come? What did he do if he came? How many of you have useful information about that?

Was that a very ordinary visit?

They want to take Turkiye the most. They can take the other countries even without entering a war but they are still looking for some adventure despite being collapsed.

They know that they can take Turkiye without fighting for a long time and with minimal casualties through their mason brothers at the head of Turkiye but the only obstacle in their way is the Istanbul government.

No matter whether the prince, princess, the king, Dajjal or the iblees come to Turkiye, they will return with empty hands. Istanbul pull the strings here…

Everyone is saying something but do you know why Ibrahim Altun is not as active and on the agenda as he use to be?

And some say, “Tayyip is in a sickbed, he can’t even stand up, and Fahrettin Altun is taking care of him.”

How do we know if it is true or not?

Even money launderer officials from Kongo used to visit Fahrettin. Who visited him or who/where did he visit in the last couple of months?

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