The people in charge of Ankebut Network don’t know what they have to do

They have never been under these circumstances before. But all of them knew that these days will come for tens of years and tried to prevent it with the Gulf wars and try to change the destiny. But it was not possible. Only the nebulous part of the destiny can be changed. Otherwise, the destiny cannot be changed, it is unchangeable.

They are in miserable conditions now. They know the future in general terms for sure. They know that they cannot change the future in the next process. They know that they are already collapsed and defeated for sure.

They don’t even have the jinns anymore. The jinn world is almost out of the game completely. They no longer have the magicians and mediums. I said, “I will take the metaphysical card from the hand of the Ankebut Cult.” and I did.

Tens of states expect one of the states and a leader to take a one step further and mention my name publicly by saying “Mfs” in the real field. They expect someone to make a move and mention my name publicly and they will begin to say “Mfs” one after another in a few hours, they are after this.

The Ankebut Cult embarrassed itself in Africa and therefore, they don’t let most of the countries to publish reports about Africa… Their black money flow is cut off and they can no longer exploit as much as they used to. They have no longer the financial power. Even England, Israel and the USA among the countries under its control are already collapsed.

The hearts in Africa are beating together with Istanbul. So many communities in the Middle East want and expect Istanbul to take control of Turkiye officially and ready to support Istanbul. The communities in Syria, Iraq and Iran believe in Istanbul, they trust Istanbul and want to follow it. There will be so much bigger balance changes. There will be great events before this month ends.

I said great, great events…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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