Let’s see who will be right at the end?

When you look back, you will see. I have written about that I will control the balance of the natural gas business of the region and I will make Turkiye the center of it…

Immediately after, Putin and Tayyip wanted to turn this in favor of them.

They said they will make Turkiye a natural gas center and an energy center. They also challenged against me for a long time to do this.

They have tried in vain. I didn’t allow it. They didn’t get a result.

Ultimately, it happened just the way I said it. I will lead the balances of the natural gas business and this time, tens of countries are trying to do something to prevent this in panic. They are still trying in vain.

I know for years through dream interpretation that I will direct the natural gas balances of the region including Iran. I will also gain personal interests and earn both Turkiye and the states/peoples of the region, either. Every part of it will be justly, good-intentioned, problem-free and great.

So, the USA, Israel, Russia, China, the UN and the other parties who are the pawns of them will gain nothing. They will stare us from a distance and won’t be able to respond. It will not be limited to the natural gas business. We will make different moves one after another with the states and the people of the region…

Watch us, we will experience the process together and let us see if this part of it will happen the way I said it as well.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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