There are many purposes

The entire world and all the parties around the world should know that there are many purposes in the background of these ugly games which is being played in the field now. There is a struggle to establish a dominance in the region which will be the center of the world again in the background of these collusions. They want to keep the lands for themselves, bring the regions under their domination completely, drag the peoples away and kill some of them if possible and they have many more purposes for the region.

They are trying to terminate the great supremacy of Istanbul and to achieve a result with last minute moves from the background. But no one should forget that they have the goal to obtain black money urgently and establish new balances and routes on the natural gas businesses as soon as possible and they have the plans to prepare the future to earn great revenues from the underground sources and mines in the very near future. Everyone should pay attention to these. Everyone around us in Turkiye, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Syria must be careful about them.

People who are muslim or non-muslim, who have different political views but talk in human way must know that those who are stirring up trouble in the region are not the people of the region. And everyone should say, “Who do you think you are” to the US, they should say, “Go and collapse on your own and do not stir up trouble here” to China, they should say, “You already collapsed, do not stir up trouble here in vain, it is too late for you to put out this fire” to the US.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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