Fight until the end…

Even if the balances of the world will change and even if all of the parties, countries, states, big companies, communities, peoples, the underground cities will drag into crises simultaneously and begin to think that the Apocalypse has come, we will not allow the Ankebut Cult who is broke, cornered, desperate, miserable and whose collusions are exposed to plunder Iran and turn it into cash.

This time, I am addressing all of the parties from around the world with my own voice. Everyone should become aware of the situation and stay away from these games. We will neither allow anyone to plunder Iran nor to plunder, divide disintegrate the East and the South East of Turkiye. We will neither allow the Great Armenia to be established nor the Great Israel to be established. We will do pleasent works with all of the elements around us who are sincere, good-intentioned, who have respect to the human values but from different religions. We will make great investments. We will make great projects one after another. We will not need the rest of the world while doing these. We will not even need major loans or capitals. The infrastructure of these is prepared slowly and it is already done. It will be implemented after a painful, noisy and troubling period. Every move the Ankebut Cult will make against it will be responded this way. If this country will turn into hell, then I am Mfs and I am saying that I can burn the whole world. I can burn the cities under the ground before the cities above the ground. I can burn the East, the West, the South and the North. Everyone will make up their mind.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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