Telegram is dragging itself into the hole it deserves

They decrease the number of followers of this Telegram channel.

I have noticed that they decrease the number of the followers one by one.

There is always a disproportionate silence, unresponsiveness with the publications. It is increased as well.

The publications which should have had a tremendous influence have neither a proper number of views nor response, support nor comment.

They still continue to their ridiculous algorithm which is making a fool out of the entire humanity. As the crises grew in the world, especially in Israel and its partners in the Middle East, so did censorship applied to this channel increase. Also the censorship and the limitation are getting heavier.

How come there is no unstable person who comment below one of the pointed publications and use profanity? How come there is no one who objects or attacks?

The old followers are aware of what will happen to them though, they know that they will be banned and they will be kicked out. But aren’t there any new followers, then? Aren’t there anyone who find the publications groundbreaking and think that we are attacking their holies?

The number of the channel is decreasing everyday. How come all of these shocking publications written and audible don’t attract new followers to the channel?

Does every new follower know the past of this channel and what it could cause in the world and Turkiye and they fall silent?

Despite the whole censorship, the Akademi Dergisi gives direction to Turkiye and the world on the Palestine-Israel issue.

So much happened even in Turkiye and it still does. Everyone saw the game. Publications similar to our publications has began to published on youtube and on the other social platforms and it forced the so-called political parties to correct themselves.

What a contradiction is this?

How can a channel which is so influential have so few followers? How can it have the same number of followers for years? How can the number of followers and the view count of a channel continue to decrease as the publications become more influential and shocking?

There is a circus on this channel. Neither of the numbers, data and analysis’ are correct and the owners of Telegram has gone too far.

They see that the USA, England, China, Israel, the Arabs and Russia are collapsed.

Telegram will collapse, either. It drags itself into the hole it already deserved to fall into.

It openly stands on the side of the colonists, satanists, masons, massacrists, invaders, money launderers, war criminals, the enemies of humanity. It is “accomplice” in their crimes publicly. And it will take painful responses for this and the days has come.

People brought so many new followers to the @okumalar channel but neither the number of followers nor the number of people who join the live broadcast increase.

Everyone also have technical problems. There are those who cannot join the live broadcast and who cannot hear the voice. And so much more…

The managers and the owners of Telegram are openly acting like a criminal gang.

Most of the people turned their notifications on but some of them receive no notification when I am broadcasting live on Telegram.

Telegram is fighting against us, with the good people who are struggling internationally to solve the problems of the world. It uses/used every techniques it has insidiously. This has exposed already but it still continues to do this and increases to do this.

We will establish the e-devlet system I have mentioned before as soon as possible to prevent the gangs, the secret intelligences, masons, satanists, money launderers to do this to the humanity by owning the social media platforms and we will collapse them collectively and simultaneously not only in Turkiye but around the world.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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