I am calling out to the Palestinian supporters in Turkiye

I am calling on those who are clamouring for Palestine:

– You are low-life scumbags. Your are not even human, how can we count you as muslims. Don’t you see the Palestinians are Turkish enemies and they have non-islamic belief and practice?

– Don’t get mouthy and stop stressing us out. Is there any border, obstacle or control? Even the children can enter into and exit from the country freely.

Go to Palestine, fight in there and your corpses will be burried in there.

You are neither Turkish nor muslims nor human. You have no shame, mercy and justice. Even evidences full of a library wouldn’t work on you or affect you.

You are neither animal nor human. You are a strange specie which should be destroyed collectively.

I know people like you so well, I spent years with them. I have known thousands of people like you.

It’s all about talking, putting on a show and making noise but no action. It’s always ignorance, incomprehension, rudeness, scam, expediency, hypocrisy, arrogance, impudence, corruption, show offs, irregularities…

You wouldn’t keep a real muslim person around you even for a month. You would turn his life into hell for that one month.

It is not the job to have the cause of islam of the black-hearted, lawless, strange creatures like you who have defective genes, who have non-islamic belief and practice and who even ignore the evidences.

Come on… Take your ball and leave this country singly or collectively. Go to Palestine and do not come back to our country.

Damn to those who let you to come here today and in the past.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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