I will end this masked war too

Stay calm, be wise, stay away from Israel and Palestine. Do not harm yourselves and your countries in vain. I will crush both Israel and Palestine. And I will end this masked ball.

Do not pay attention to the devil called Netanyahu. Tho one who have power doesn’t threat and directly attack. Are they an unofficial government, what are they waiting for?

All of this is a waste of time, what is happening is just noise. I already ruined their plan. Even if all of the US army would go to the region, the result will not change. The result is already cleared and certain.

There will be no Israel or the secret Christian state that look like a muslim state left in the region. Those lands are ours and we will take them back.

Those lands are Turkish lands since the era of the prophet Abraham who is our ancestor for at least 15 thousand years.

I do not want any noise about Israel and Palestine. We will carry on with our own agenda.

It wouldn’t take two hours for me to expose the secret Christians who are infiltrated at the head of the communities, the political parties and official institutions in Iran.

Even the censorship cannot save them. I wouldn’t expose them here, though…

The Istanbul government:

If the American army get involved in the Palestine-Israel issue…

All of the official and unofficial elements of the US. will be mercilessly targeted in the region and particularly in Turkiye. It will not be limited to the soldiers and the secret intelligences staff.

Even if they are not the elements of the US, all of the elements who are working for the US will be targeted.

The Istanbul government:

Hezbollah will not be involved in the Israel-Palestine issue, either. Otherwise, Iran also will pay heavy prices.

The Istanbul government:

Turkiye is not a safe place for the Israelis who fled their country. We do not want to see both the Palestinians and Israelis in our country.

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