Türkiye will not take sides in the conflict

The Istanbul government:

If there will be a military conflict between Iran and Israel, Turkiye will not be a part of the conflict.

When the parties in conflict don’t recognize the law and become violent, we will not interested in the human rights violations and humanity crises.

We will not interested in the bitter ends of the masses who still don’t overthrow a few coward, mason, satanist, money launderer traitors at the head of their states and continue to obey them.

None of those masses will be allowed to enter our borders and we will not provide them any financial or spiritual aid out of our country.

The entire world understood that the groups in Turkiye who are defending the palestinians whose most of its people are enemies of the Turks, who are standing against the Turkish people in every opportunity, on the grounds that they are Turkish, muslims or on the human rights, despite all the knives they continue to stab us with a great determination and hatred are not Turkish or muslims.

A wide audience from Huda-Par to CHPKK and Yeniden Refah Partisi have Gypsy/Armenian and Christian origins just like the palestinians and therefore, they see Palestine as a cause. These people are no different from Yasser Arafat who was a secret Christian and who was wearing a cross.

Turkiye will collapse these treacherous and insidious structures as soon as possible. Sexual harrasment, rape, murder and tortures are not the only crimes commited during the process of the lack of authority in Israel caused by the latest turmoils.

Also the palestinian so-called mujahids mingled with the Israelis for tens of years, who have become lawless and evil as much as them kidnapping people for their organs in every opportunity.

They are trying to keep Israel who should have been officially declared bankruptcy and Netenyahu who should have been already overthrown afloat with forceful, insidious interventions that brings no result. They don’t hesitate to turn the Israeli citizens into cash.

We will give harsh responses against the migration of millions of Iranians in Iran to Turkiye if there will be a lack of authority in ıran.

We will never allow such a movement. We will also not allow to a collective migration from Syria, Iraq, Armenia to Turkiye.

We will not allow anyone to infiltrate and change the balances especially in the East and the Southestern regions in Turkiye. We will evaluate every possibilities against Azerbaijan which is Israel’s one of the most loyal dogs on leash in the region trying to find a way to implement very insidious plans. We will do what is necessary when we need to do.

Azerbaijan should be destroyed just like Israel and we will not allow problems to be reflected on Turkiye through Azerbaijan.

We do not believe that the recent official statements of the Saudi America and Qatar about what is happening in Israel are sincere statements.

We see that both Israel and the parties supposedly against Israel are extremely careful and cautious about not to strike each other “real” blows and not to damage each other.

If it would be the opposite, there would be mo Israel today. Or tens of countries would be rose up at the last minute.

Fatih Erbakan who is one of those who made statements about the recent events in Turkiye and a pedophile pervert is a secret Christian.

We will not be used by dirty businesses of the secret Christian elements in Turkiye, Iran, Azerbaijan, Israel, Palestine and Iraq and we will not remain uninvolved.

We will prevent Turkiye and the patriot elements in our region from the games that will creat balances against them.

We will chop the heads of those who want the East and the South East of Turkiye or those who want to place the communities they wantin our lands in an insidious way before the process they disintegrate these regions.

We will not let them breath even in their own countries…

Even though the price is the Apocalypse, we will strike the last blows to the Great Israel Project.

We will turn every kind of collusions and insidious moves they will want to play in the last process against them.

We consider it a grave impudency that will drag all the elements in the world to a world war the members of the governments in the region crossing the lines for their own black money businesses or the black money businesses of the religious/national groups and using the states’ power, institutions and armies to “achieve supremacy over the black money struggles.”

We consider not only those who colluding with Netenyahu but even those who say hi to Netenyahu as the enemies of Turkiye, of the region and the world humanity.

We repeat. It is in plain sight that Taliban is a terror and crime organization. Everyone who do business with Taliban, who connect them are the partners of grave crimes including terror.

We will not allow the parties who are trying to legalize Taliban for their own black money benefits.

The parties who make statements in favor of the palestinians, those who priovide them weapons, money, equipments, food, vehicles, devices will not be involved in the Turkiye centered great projects which will be soon begin in the entire region.

As of now, we will weaken the pro-palestenian elements with the metaphysical attacks.

We are not hostile towards the Israelis/Jews who respect everyone’s religions, who do not involved in the black money businesses, terror, the activities to destroy morality and religion, exploitation and torture and who don’t support any of those, who don’t hostile towards us and who live in a civilized way.

They wouldn’t and won’t be damaged by us unless they show us hostility or if they leave our sensitivities for the human limits.

We do not oppress for religion and we will not.

Hamas is an organized crime, terror and betrayal organization that is a pawn of others. It is not a legal organization. It is one of the simple pawns for the black money businesses.

It is a savage organization who doesn’t obey the law, who carry out terror activities and who cannot be taken as an interlocutor with any excuses.

We invite the parties who still believe China who is about to collapse and begin to beg for help is making the interventions in Middle East with its own will to peddle.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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