Mahmoud Abbas, the so-called president of Palestine, is also a Gypsy

Mahmud Abbas who is the so-called state leader of the so-called state Palestine is a gypsy, either.

You can also call him Copti or Armenian. These words mean the same thing.

Abbas also is a secret Christian. He is an enemy of islam. The people around him are also secret gypsies/Christians.

Mahmud Abbas was like a right-hand man of Yasser Arafat once.

Yasser Arafat who was wearing a cross around his neck, who was hugging and kissing the priests as he saw them, who was a money launderer, evil, a pawn of others and who was a secret Christian…

There is a high number of people, groups and organizations appear as struggling for islam but actually are struggling for Christianity against Judaism in Palestine.

There is this truth behind the fact that they are enemies of Turkiye and the Turkish people. We cannot expect the Palestinians who are secret Christians to like the Turkish people who have been the bannerbearer of islam.

There is also a truth behind the fact that they have a good relations with Iran. Because Iran has never been a real islamic country and it is still not. Those have been in power in Iran were always secret Christians and still the secret Christians are in power in Iran. Even Ayatollah Khamenei is a secret Christian. Even Khomeini was a secret Christian and was a spy of the Christian Western world. They brought him in Turkiye when he was in danger because there were secret Armenians in power in Turkiye at the time, either. I have been telling this for years, the secret Armenian/gypsy scumbags who had gone too far and banned hijab in Turkiye were always silent when it was about Iran which is a so-called islamic state. Even some of them praised Iran publicly and had close relations. It was a secret supranational Armenian solidarity and they still have it among them…

CHPKK, Erkan Baş from TİP and even Doğu Perinçek who have been silent about the events which was harming the Turkish people but displaying sensitivity on the Palestine issue for the last couple of days is related to their real descendants, their real races, religion and goals.

They are neither Turkish nor muslim.

Don’t Recai Kutan who is a secret Armenian gypsy and a secret Christian and Mahmud Abbas look alike?

How many secret Armenian were around Necmettin Erbakan?

How many secret Armenians/Christians who were in power in Iran that he was working with from the background?

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