I’m not interested in how much Netanyahu and his gang in the Arabian peninsula will destroy Israel

If that fire spreads to Turkiye and the elements on my side in the region and start to damage us, I will pull the entire world into a fire like hell that “burns for real in a short while”.

We, the real muslims are not responsible for the diametrically opposed behaviors to the islamic law of war of the Palestinians who never accepted islam and never live the religion of islam in the correct way with its belief and practices and despite these, they are called muslims for centuries.

Islam doesn’t approve these kind of behaviors of these Palestinian monsters. And we do not approve it either.

As long as the Palestinians carry on along the same line of heresy, we will neither regard them from the ummah nor as human. We will never be friends or allies with them.

We present to the world public opinion’s attention the facts that the corruption activities of the Jews and Christians play the biggest role in palestinians being in this situation and the brutality they display even though they say they are muslims and that the games they play turned against them.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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