Japan is committing crimes against humanity

It is not technically possible to decompose tritium of the radioactive waste water in the Fukushima power plant. It is also impossible to claim that the nuclear waste water is harmless.

Tritium cannot be measured by the dosimeters. The statements of Japan are being made to deceive the people with lack of technical information. The high level of tritium in the radioactive water causes cancer in humans.

The countries who haven’t objected to Japan and even support them have something to hide. Those countries also pouring the nuclear waste water in their power to the plants to the oceans to dilute the water. The dilution process of the nuclear waste water takes tens of years in oceans. The see/ocean creatures are being harmed during this process. Japan wants to dilute the nuclear waste water that shouldn’t contact with anything for more than fifty years by pouring it to ocean and get rid of its burden as soon as possible and doesn’t even care about human or animal health and the balance of nature, especially the seas.

Japan continue to commit a crime against humanity.

The real face of the nuclear power plants has never been told the world humanity transparently enough. The power plants which have that much of risk must be banned across the world. But first, the crime Japan is committing now must be stopped immediately.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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